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BMW 325i - 1994

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BMW 325i
BMW 325iBMW 325iBMW 325iBMW 325i
BMW 325i 1994
umatic video transferred to digital
- 4 mins. (4:3 aspect ratio)

BMW 325i was made shortly after the announcement of the IRA ceasefire in 1994. The backdrop of the Bank of England in the City of London and the corporate car of choice at the time (a BMW) suggests a link between power, finance and politics. The threat of bombings had seemed ever-present in Britain during the previous 25 years and the upredicability of these events contributed to the public's sense of fear. In the artist's mind, the ceasefire signified the drawing to a close of a certain era of political terrorism.

BMW 325i can be exhibited as a large scale video projection with sound or on a security style or professional video monitor without sound.


Rob Scholte's BMW

Rob Scholte’s BMW 325i - De Telegraaph newspaper.
November 1994


Golf Gti Peter Vlamink Straat

Golf Gti test. Peter Vlaminkstraat, Amsterdam. 1994

An early version of this work involved exploding a Golf Gti on an
Amsterdam street. This scenario seemed unlikely, so the location and
car were both changed. The City of London Version of BMW 325i was
first exhibited in the Open Ateliers of the Rijsakademie in Amsterdam
in early December 1994 and while the exhibition was being installed,
the Dutch artist Rob Scholte was blown out of his BMW on an
Amsterdam street. Scholte lost his legs in the explosion, which at the
time was thought to be a case of mistaken identity, related to a court case involving drugs. In spite of the odd coincidence, the work was exhibited as originally planned.

Golf Gti (Lisson)

Golf Gti - 1994.

The backdrop to Golf Gti was the Lisson Gallery in London. This time the work was conceived as an act of virtual terrorism. The idea was to take a car from a particular street and film a similar car exploding in a studio and afterwards superimpose it back onto the street in question. During a meeting with a curator at the Lisson gallery about his work, Dower handed a copy of the tape over. The video sat on a shelf and it is not known if it was ever viewed by anyone.

Golf Gti. Still from unreleased video 1994