Sean Dower: Artworks and information

Brown Noise - Maurice Eienhardt Neu Gallery London. 02.10.08 - 02.11.08

Death Star Death Star and Ghost Drummer Ghost Drummer Peak Moment
Ghost Drummer Peak Moment Brown Noise Brown vinyl
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Brown Noise was the inaugural exhibition at Maurice Eienhardt Neu Gallery, a gallery connected with the recording industry and surrounded on 3 sides by recording studios. The collaborative exhibition by Sean Dower, Lohan Emanuel and Nick Waplington explored music and popular culture and was as political as it was puerile. The exhibition was part of the Shoreditch-based Concrete and Glass festival and it also pitched itself as a kind of low-brow relief from the cultural excesses of a London art scene busying itself during the Frieze art fair. Several weeks before the exhibition, the artists also organised an unpublicised 'teaser' night in the venue. For this event the artists exhibited a single large poster for the forthcoming exhibition and a speaker cabinet playing brown noise at high volume, in the otherwise empty and brightly lit gallery. During this teaser event, an unsolicited action took place by an uninvited artist, known for defecating in art galleries. During the exhibition there was also a performance by Ghost Drummer, which initiated a series of live events with other bands in the space over the coming months.

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