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Drug Den 2001 & 2005

Video with soundtrack 2001. 5 min (looped). Installation dimensions variable.

Drug Den Drug Den Drug Den Drug Den Drug Den Drug Den

Click on above images to enlarge: Drug Den - Installation shots at Curators Space, London 2005

Drug Den was filmed using a remote controlled camera, whilst listening to a slightly speeded-up electronic music soundtrack. The video was then slowed to the same
speed as the original music, giving an uncanny feel. The video is ideally shown in a dark space (using a monitor or projector) with full range audio speakers.

Text by Irene Bradbury - from the Press Release for Wonderings at Curators Space:
'From the viewpoint of a video camera attached to a remote controlled car, we explore the undergrowth of a woodland floor.
In a clearing in his local park, Sean Dower remotely surveys a woody hollow for evidence of previous visitations. At ground
level, we encounter a myriad of signifiers, including canisters of lighter fluid, glue bags and wraps of silver foil - the flotsam
and remnants of abuse. In Lunar exploration terminology, a Remote Characterization System (RCS) addresses hazardous
operational problems by using unmanned vehicles and remotely controlled instruments in site surveys. Dower directed his
own 'RCS' whilst listening to a low-end electronic soundtrack, included in the final installation. The innocuous litter becomes
a hazardous terrain of toxic-wastedness. The repeated, childlike process of encircling and returning to the contents of Drug Den
invokes a feeling of natural inquisitiveness until, eventually, the survey is complete and we are left wondering ‘where next?’

Wonderings, curated by Irene Bradbury featured work by Sean Dower, Judith Goddard, Peter Macdonald and Ged Quinn.

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