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Mobile DJ (2012 remix)

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mobile DJ mobile DJ mobile DJ mobile DJ
mobile DJmobile DJmobile DJ mobile DJ
Installation at Block 336, London - Video with sound, props and synchronised light show (9 min loop) 2012

Video of performance below

For 'The Hair of the Dog' exhibition, Sean Dower and Guy Bar Amotz re-staged the 'The Mobile DJ', a performance first presented at Delfina, London in 2005. The Mobile DJ is the name of a toy instrument used in the performance, which contains preprogrammed loops and samples. The machine is manipulated live and its sound relayed through Bar Amotz's 'Mochilero' packpack sound system. The current work is re-performed on site, and is witnessed via video documentation, alongside the abandoned set and an animated light show, which mirrors the in-film lighting. 'Mobile DJ (2012 remix)' explores the idea of performance artefacts, what happens to a performance when it is no longer 'live' and how it is experienced through myth, nostalgia and supposition.

Exhibited through October 2012 at Block 336

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