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ON AIR - OFF AIR - Excerpts from recordings by Eben Bull, Rupert Clervaux and Sean Dower

In early 2015, Sean Dower was invited by Beaconsfield Arts to undertake a residency in its Victorian railway arch space. The 2150 square foot arch supports eight railway tracks on the busy line in and out of London’s Waterloo Station and is constructed from layers of brick, held together with lime mortar. The cave-like space is impermeable to light and apart from the rumble of trains overhead, pretty much impermeable to sound.

It was in this setting that Dower assembled a collection of percussion and other sound-making materials he had collected over many years. The empty tunnel creates a unique and challenging environment in which to work with sound and it was immediately clear that the strengths and limitations of the space and instruments had to be embraced. After several weeks, the space was opened to the public with a series of recordings presented in-situ, alongside the instruments used. It was into this situation that Dower invited musicians Eben Bull and Rupert Clervaux.

The three artists then made a number of experiments, culminating in a series of immersiv, improvised performances. The sound from the performances was recorded using a grid of microphones, which allowed the performers and instruments to remain mobile over a large area, whilst capturing the natural acoustic reverb of the arch. At the end of the residency a quadraphonic mix was exhibited in the otherwise empty space, played back to eerie effect using four electrostatic speakers placed in the same location as four of the original microphones.

The sessions resulted in two audio tracks of 22 and 32 mins, mastered by Rupert Clervaux in London (listen to excerpts above)

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