Sean Dower: Artworks and information

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Mirage Salvation No Room in Hell No Room in Hell
No Room in Hell No Room in Hell Room in Hell
Building Site Building Site DDD

The artist has produced a number of works in photography and film, using stereoscopic 3D. Several sculptural works also incorporate embeded, 3D stereoscopic viewers. These scale models mirror in form the internal spaces being depicted.

Works using stereo photgraphy include: Mirage 1995, Salvation 1996, No Room in Hell 1997, Room in Hell and Building Site (stereo viewer sculptures) 1998/1999, and the 3D films: No Room in Hell (absent qualia) 1997 and Boon and Mills 1999 (with Dick Donkeys Dawn).

Stereo images often require some form of supplementary technology to view (and in the case of video, to edit). In order to edit 3D films, Dower developed a technique for viewing stereo images with the naked eye (see
Mirage 1995, for description of this). As a result of the intrusiveness of the technology required for viewing, the artist often presents stereo photographs side by side, as twin (right-left) images.

The artist has produced a number of other works, which attempt to explore sculptural space through the use of video and performance. These works, exploring mnemonic and ergonomic space, include: Hot Music (1994), Zou Zou's Mime Reconstructed (1993), Automaton (2006) and 'No Room in Hell (absent qualia)' 1997.

Dower's 1997
No Room in Hell (absent qualia) was most likely the first 3D film to be shot and publicly exhibited entirely in the digital video format. It was certainly the first site-specific, 3D zombie film. In 1999 Dower completed another 3D video for his band Dick Donkeys Dawn.