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Spectral Analysis (sound emitting photographs) 2012

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spectral analysis
spectral analysis spectral analysis spectral analysis

Dimensions: 1220mm x 1220mm (each printed speaker: 550x550x3mm)
Material: Electrostatic speakers, UV curable ink, soundtrack, hanging mechanisms and foam.

A colour photograph taken by the artist was subject to two forms of spectral analysis. Firstly, the image of Samye monastery (the oldest
Buddhist monastery in Tibet) was broken down into the constituent colour separations used in CMYK printing. The four CMYK images
were then each printed onto 3mm thick electrostatic speakers. The colour photograph was also scanned vertically and horizontally
using spectral analysis software to convert its colours and tones into sound. Electrostatic speakers emit sound equally from their entire
surface and 'phase cancel' at their edges. They are extremely directional and project sound in a detailed and uncanny way. In the
exhibition The Voyeur, the sound was directed at the enochian sound reflecting panels accross the room and the ghostly sound
emanating from the speaker surface formed part of an overall soundtrack to the exhinbition.

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