Sean Dower: Artworks and information

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Room in Hell Room in Hell
Building Site Building Site Building Site
3D (Stereo) photographs embeded in scale models of the spaces they represent

These sculptures are scale models, embeded with stereoscopic (3D) viewers. The external form exactly mirrors the internal spaces being depicted. The sculptures sit on stands with wheels and are illuminated internally, acting as 'lightboxes' to view the images.

Room in Hell (1998) is a scale model of Matt's Gallery, where Dower exhibited No Room in Hell (absent qualia) in 1997. The space was photographed immediately after filming the concluding scene of No Room in Hell, recording the disaray caused by the Zombies. This work was first exhibited in the exact space where the photos were taken.

Building Site
(1999) is a scale model of the New Art Gallery Walsall, with stereo photographs of the museum taken during its construction.

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