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Unrelated Incidents 1993

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Mirage bookz bookz

3 sets of black and white, hand printed photographs, pinned to notice boards (mounted dimensions 1000mm x 1500mm).

In 1993 the artist started buying black and white photographs from archives found at markets. Two of these archives had got mixed up and he noticed some similarities between film promotion stills and forensic photographs. Similar images will be treated with different gravity by a viewer, depending on whether they are presented as 'documentary' or fictional constructions. Inspired by the Dutch crime novels of Janwillem van de Wetering and the photographs of Weegee, Dower decided to pursue his own ‘detective instinct’ by carrying a camera at all times. The resulting images of chance events relating to disaster or intrigue around the city of Amsterdam were matched up in sets of three, suggesting an ambigous narative space.


Above: Installation in exhibition at Exedra - Hilversum, Netherlands 1998