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Famous for 18 sq metres

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Mirage Mirage Mirage Mirage
Famous for 18 square metres - 'to be continued >' The New Art Gallery Walsall. UK 1999

‘To be continued >’ took place in and around the New Art Gallery, Walsall (in the British Midlands). Dower grew up in Walsall and was aware of the historic music culture associated with the region. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Slade and the Drum and Bass artist Goldie had connections with the area and Dower had been in a local band himself as a teenager. Curious to know what the musical culture of the place was like in 1999, he began looking for fly-posters, asking in local record shops and reviewing the submissions to a local music festival. Choosing 3 local bands who were producing original material, he contaced them and produced a set of billboard posters. The aim was to give them some control over how they were represented and give them the kind of coverage normally afforded to artists with major record company backing.
The 3 bands also performed at the local music festival.