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Sonofapup - solo electronic music projects by Sean Dower since 1995

The music explores idiosyncratic and paranoid systems of logic.

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1st Generation by Sonofapup (1995-2000)

1st generation

Electronic music 1995-2000

1st Generation utilises midi and pre-midi instruments, midi sequencers and trackers,
software synthesis and
sample editors..


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sɜrbərəs by Sonofapup (2001-2003)

Electronic music 2001-2003

'sɜrbərəs' is the phonetic spelling of the three-headed hound who is the mythical
guardian of the underworld. Sonofapup, being a canine relation, was able to gain
access to this underworld and these tracks are hypnotic transmissions from this place.
Ltd edition, handmade CD and digital download


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Minotaur by Sonofapup (2014)

Electronic Music 2014

Minotaur features abstract noise transmissions, permeated with subterranean foreboding
Recorded 'live' in an arid landscape overlooking the Libyan Sea



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IOS by Sonofapup (2009-2015)

Tracks made on IOS betwen 2009-2015

Material produced on the road in Europe, Mexico and USA.


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The Ultimate Brown Sound Record - 2010

Brown Sound

The Ultimate Brown Sound Record, 12" brown vinyl record - 2010 (Limited edition of 200)
The record contains 7.24 minutes of Brown Noise on each side.


The Ultimate Brown Sound - Newterk Centrum, Aalst Belgium 2010


The Ultimate Brown Sound - presentation booth at Netwerk Centrum, Aalst Belgium 2010
Video of perpetual loop, 7.24 min per side
: watch video on youtube

Dick Donkeys Dawn 1997 - 1999


Dick Donkeys Dawn - the DVD...
Videos and more information

Dick Donkeys Dawn 1997-1999... See separate page on the band:


Vizualiser Videos #1-4 2004


The 'Vizualiser Videos' were auto-generated from electronic music with software plugins

All music by Sonofapup

Left: Vizualiser video #3 was auto-generatedusing the Tech RTA live visual plugin, which translates sound into a multi-channel sound level meter. The improvised soundtrack was conceived in 1996 using Quicktime instruments and the OMS test facility. In this version, each mouse click triggers a random permutation of notes and sopunds from a total of 128 possible instruments and additions percussion sounds. The player can only affect the rest between notes and the sustain (by keeping the mouse button depressed).

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The Curfew Recordings (1984). CD release, March 2013

curfew cd

New digital realease of The Curfew Recordings (recorded in 1984)


The Curfew Recordings

The Curfew Recordings were made at a disused industrial site on the river Tyne in
1984 and feature John Smith (then publisher of Interchange magazine), Sean Dower
(ex Death Magazine 52 & later of Bow Gamelan Ensemble) and John Mylotte (of the
band Metgumnebone).

The recordings were made inside a steel-plated silo (approx 10m tall and 18m wide)
once used for bitumen storage. The instrumentation is acoustic and the recording are
unprocessed (the space however adds a remarkable reverb).

Instrumentation included: bull roarers, spirit whistles, human thy-bone trumpet,
chimes, pipes, gongs, flutes, drums, projectiles, scraped and bowed objects and other
materials like glass, metal, bones and wood.

This is the first digital transfer of the original tapes to become available.

CD on Harbinger Sound (Harbinger 110)

Link to review by Idwal fisher


Death Magazine 52 - double vinyl disc on Harbinger Sound (archive release 2012)


1980's Black Country based electronics, percussion and noise band Death Magazine 52



Between 1982 and 1984 Death Magazine 52 played around 20 shows mainly in the Black Country
region of the U.K. Sometimes they played under the name Spontaneous Human Combustion, which
was the name they originally started out with. These recordings capture the core group and its
floating membership at various stages of their existence. Recordings from the studio sessions and
live sets, including playing to a a school hall full of teenage girls at 3pm one afternoon, and as the
final band to play at the legendary Equinox Event at the London Musicians Collective, an event that
was raided and closed down by the police. The recordings are of a raw nature and should be
considered as historical documentation.

Review at:
Heathen Harvest
Available at
Second Layer and Volcanic Tongue

The full DM52 story will appear in the magazine As Loud As Possible #2.


Death Magazine 52 - Legetos from the 1983 cassette release D-MAG 52 | SHC



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