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Sculpture and Installation ... (non chronological)


HIJKLMNO 1991 (Installation for the exhibition SAFE)
White tiled cubic structures with canal water and plastic sheeting (Dimensions variable)


HIJKLMNO 1991 (click images to enlarge)
h2o h2o h2o h2o


See also: Bathrooms of the World


Enochian sound reflectors 2012
  Enochian Sound Reflectors - click images to enlarge
acoustic panels acoustic panels book pyre John Dee
Four unique panels (590x550x100mm each)

Acoustic reflectors are used in the recording industry, concert halls and other architectural
settings to diffuse sound. Rather than absorb sound, they break up reflections using complex,
three-dimensional surfaces. These 4 panels are made of a hard gypsum and acrylic resin and
their design is based the Enochian tablets of Elizabethan alchemist, Dr John Dee.
Using an algorithm of numeric equivalents, Dr Dee's Enochian alphabet was translated into
cubic blocks between 1 and 9cm high. Each panel has a different configutration and the work
explores modernist notions of functionality alongside more historic and esoteric references such
as Kurt Schwitter's Merzbau and alchemical process.

This work is dedicated to the late American composer Jerry Hunt.

See all works exhibited at
The Voyeur
1140 x 1220 x 100mm (four panels) - Cast acrylic resin.

Zou Zou's Mime Reconstructed 1993 - 2005Zou Zou  

Zou Zou
Zou Zou's mime, screened on the side of London's National Theatre 1999.

Zou Zou's Mime Reconstructed 1993 - click for more information and images
Video monitor, plywood and mixed media (approx. 2440x2000x1220mm)


No Room in Hell (Absent Qualia) 1997No Room in Hell


No Room in Hell

No Room in Hell 1997 - 3D polarized video projection onto silver screen
Installation at Matt's Gallery, London.
More information and images >

No Room in Hell - Polarizing glasses
Book Pyre 2011

book pyre

Book Pyre 2011 - click images to enlarge
book pyre book pyre book pyre book pyre
Dimensions: 2100 x 2100 x 1100mm
Materials: Books, wooden pallets, kindling and paper,

Installation shots of Book Pyre at Southard Reid. 2011

NOISES - 2013
6 unique sculptures with 6 engraved plastic signs on oak stands approx.

Above: Noises #1. 2013
- 640 x 120 x 45 mm

The order of signs can be altered to suit various imagined narratives.
Work may sit on a surface or be wall mounted.

Each of the 6 versions is unique - see right for index.


noises 1 to 6


Test Card (intermission #1) 2015

Test Card (intermission #1)


click on images to enlarge
Intermission Intermission Intermission
Test Card (intermission #1 + #2) 2015
29 x 21cm mounted c-type photographs, scientific clamps.

The 'test cards' are mounted on stands and positioned directly in front of video cameras to fill the frame of view. Images of empty rooms with their windows cut out, reveal glimpses of the rooms behind. The live feed from the camera was streamed to a local cinema and live on the internet.The cards are placed so that the illusion is easily deconstructed on the destination screen, hinting at primitive cinematic special effects, or the budget advertising found between film and TV programming. The empty rooms in the photographs suggest estate agent's promotional material or the completion of a hard day's decorating.Each of the cards come with an optional Mp3 speaker playing a generic, repetitive loop of music, which can also be transmitted via the live camera feed.



Shaking Cabinet 2012

Shaking Cabinet
Shaking Cabinet (2012)

Shaking Cabinet contains a powerful bass driver (speaker) whose sound is tuned to
trigger the resonant frequencies of the steel cupboard and its contents. The low frequency
soundtrack periodically increases in intensity and causes the cabinet to rattle and shake.
Shaking Cabinet was exhibited in the Voyeur, where it formed part of the whole soundtrack
to the exhibition.See other works in
The Voyeur

1800 x 910 x400mm - Steel cupboard, bass driver, amplifier and soundtrack.

Next door 1991 (reconstructed 2010)
next door


Next door (120x120x80mm). Drinking glass, speaker, jack lead, cotton wool and soundtrack


Next door 1991 - 1 min excerpt (total running time 10 min).

Transmitter #1 - 2012

600 x 600 x 700mm - Satellite dish with piezo tweeter and soundtrack.

Transmitter #1: a small, high frequency speaker is placed at the focal point of a parabilic
satellite dish and its discreet sounds are beamed to a particular location.

  click images to enlarge
transmitters transmitters transmitters
The satellite dish (transmitter #1) and drum (transmitter #2) are both technologies that
can used to transmit information. As the viewer approaches the drum (acting as a resonant
chamber to a concealed audio- exciter), they enter the 'audio-beam' of the satellite dish and
thus hear a sparse, but complimentary soundtrack exchanging between the two objects.

Transmitter #2 - Floor tom drum, audio exciter and soundtrack.
An audio exciter inside the drum vibrates and uses the drum's resonance to transmit sound.
380mm x 380mm x700mm
Transmitter #1 & #2 were both exhibited at The Voyeur


St Simeon's Drum Riser 2012

St Simeon's Drum Riser
  St Simeon's Drum Riser (2012)
St Simeon's Drum Riser St Simeon's cctv St Simeon live ST Simeon live St Simeon of Aleppo
Wooden pallets, platform, percussion instruments, cctv system
Approx size of tower: 4500mm x 1000mm x 1200mm

St Simeon's Drum Riser is tower of wooden pallets with a cramped performance space on top.
A live cctv link relays an image of the small, impossibly high performance space to a monitor.
During The Voyeur exhibtion, the artist undertook 3 improvised peformances on this platform,
activating the installation using a variety of percussion instruments - see video

St Simeon of Stylites was a 5th century Christian ascetic who reputedly lived on top of a tall
column for 37 years in what is now Aleppo in Syria. His motivation was questioned by the church at the time, but it turned out he was more likely in search of isolation, rather than
implying that he was above anyone else. By exaggeration, St Simeon's Drum Riser questions
the hierarchical relationship between audience and performer.

See other works exhibited at
The Voyeur

Pallets, performance space with instruments and live cctv feed (dimensions variable)


The Voyeur

Video documentation of The Voyeur (5 min - with sound)

The Voyeur was first exhibited at De La Warr Pavilion in 2012

See page dedicated to The Voyeur here



The video is a walk around the exhibition The Voyeur, which combines sculpture,
photography and seemingly familiar objects with the technology of sound.The installation operated as a kind of sound system and the audience had to
orientate themselves using both sculptural and sonic cues. In the exhibition, the
forms and ideas of modernity (and modern technology) are also uncannily echoed
by historical ideas, which seem to anticipate the modern era.During the exhibition, the artist performed on top of the 4.5m tall St Simeon's Drum
Riser (made of stacked pallets), whilst CCTV relayed a bird's eye view of the
performer down to ground level.

Ground Control 2010
Ground Control
click for more images

Ground Control

Ground Control 2010 - click for details and images

Ground Control 2010 (above: installed at Netwerk Center, belgium)
Car, fluorescent paint, LF soundtrack, bass drivers and UV Black light (dimensions variable)



Death Star 2008

Death Star



Rotation of Death Star 2008 (double click image to play)

Death Star 2008
500mm diameter, rotating mirrorball. Installation dimensions variable.
Polystyrene ball, paint, mirrors (with motor, chain and light) and optional acoustic foam.
See also:
Ghost Drummer

The 50cm diameter black ball slowly rotates, revealing an inanely grinning and
glinting smile.


WHOOSH (work for lift shaft) 2013



Click image below for slideshow

WHOOSH - 2013
Permanent installation in the lift-shaft of Hotel El Ganzo, Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico

Fluorescent ink screenprint on aluminium panels. 1100 x 1100 mm (5 pieces)

Sketch for 'WHOOSH' - 2013
The Death of Cinema (works for film projection booths) 1990


Projection Booths Projection Booths Projection Booths
The Death of Cinema (works for projection booths) 1990 - click on images to enlarge

These works utilise various existing appertures (portholes) of film projection booths

The Death of Cinema 1990
Perspex, wood, paint and lighting. Various sizes

Music in Trees 2004

Lonely tree


Music in Trees

Music in Trees 2004 (detail)

Approximately 400m of cassette tape was tangled in a tree. The tape
subtly rustled and glistened in the wind and rain.

Music in Trees 2004 (dimensions variable)

The complete recorded works of the Triffids on cassette tape, unwound and hung in a lonely tree.

  Above and left: STUK Kunstcentrum, Leuven (A Temporary Monument to David McComb)
See also Drawings: Welbeck Court / Triffid Court
Nature / Culture 1997

Nature Culture sculpture

Drummer shoots band mates 1996

drummer shoots

Nature / Culture 1997
Plastic bin, plastic bottles, flourescent paint, water and sheepskin rug

Goodbye (mobile lightbox) 1996



Goodbye (mobile lightbox, positioned at the entrance to an exhbiition) 1996
Aluminium, perspex, light (900x900x600mm)

Building Site 1999

Building Site


Building Site 1999

The sculpture houses multiple, interior stereo views of the building during construction
(see also stereo viewer sculptures)

Building Site 1999 (1000x800x1600mm)
Scale model with images of the New Art Gallery, Walsall during construction.
MDF, stereo photo-viewers, 35mm transparencies, fluoprescent light and stand.

Room in Hell 1998

No room in hell

Room in Hell

Room in Hell 1998 (one of the interior stereo views)

Immediately upon completion of filming for the 3D film 'No Room in Hell 1997', the gallery
was documented from all angles using stereo photography.

Room in Hell 1998 - as installed in Matt's Gallery (see also stereo viewer sculptures)
Scale model of Matt's Gallery. MDF, paint, stereo viewers, transparencies, light,
steel stand with wheels (1000x1100x1000mm)

L'Age D'autoroute 1994

L'Age d'autoroute

L'Age d'autoroute

L'Age D'autoroute 1994

L'Age D'autoroute 1994 (400x200x240mm)
4 reflective aluminium signs (London, Dover, Calais, Amsterdam), video and carry case.
Aluminium, Scotch M reflective film, plywood and VHS video of the artist hitchhiking
between Amsterdam and London and back.

Between terror and relief 1989

Ahh pianno


Between terror and relief 1989
Relief letters and paint on polished wooden panel (520x300mm).

  Ahh! 1989
Photograph of advertisment hoardings on an old cinema in Peckham.
Isolation 1990



Isolation 1990
Cast concrete blocks,lead, copper, telephone, cassette player and headphones.
Each block approximately 400x400x400mm

What is dark, but made of light? 1990


Sprung Instrument 1987


What is dark, but made of light? 1990
Wood, lights, electricity, steel, soot, copper wire (dimensions variable)

  Sprung Instrument 1987
Steel spring, wooden resonating box (200x300x600mm)