Sean Dower: Artworks and information


Musik für Barbaren und Klassiker - 24.04.10 - 12.06.10
Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art. Houtkaai, B-9300 Aalst, Belgium.



Ground Control (vibrating and shaking car) 2010
Car, 2 x bass drivers and low frequency audio, fluorescent paint, UV Blacklighting.
(dimensions variable)

  Next Door 1991 - Reconstruction 2010
Glass, 5cm speaker, acoustic foam, mp3 player with audio and mini-amp
(soundtrack is spoken word, muffled, authoratative)

Brown Sound  

Brown video

The Brown Sound 2010
Looping video with Brown Noise - LCD Monitor in brown cubicle with carpet
(dimensions variable)

  The Brown Sound 2010 (video still)
Video with sound (perpetual loop, 7.24 min per side)

Brown disc  

Brown disc framed

The Ultimate Brown Sound Record 2010
12" 45rpm brown vinyl record (limited edition of 200 in clear plastic sleeve)

The Ultimate Brown Sound Record 2010
Framed individual record 20" x 20"



Shelter 1996 (reprinted 2010)
Framed lightjet photograph 128 x 76 cm

  Shelter 1996
128 x 76 cm photograph (click image for enlarged version)
Automaton   33+1/3  
Automaton 2006
6 min. High definition, wide-screen video projection with sound
(more info)
  33 1/3 rpm 2004
1 min looping video with surround sound