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  Shelter 1996

Shelter 1996. C-Print photograph 140x90cm

Composite print from a set of photographs taken in 1996 in London at a concert by the 'Krishna core' band Shelter.

Concert photograpahy is normally from the position of non-participation and the band is normally the main subject. In this work however, the band is omitted and the photographer is
immersed in the mosh, being pushed and moved around with the energy of the audience. The fleeting images of the fans' paroxysms are interspersed with images of the empty stage,
containing the instruments and equipment of performance.

In spite of the appearance of violence, the chaotic physicality of the mosh pit actually conceals a codified camaraderie, or 'love'. This paradox is also explicit in the notion of the band's
ethos, being Hare Krishna devotees and promoting peace, whilst engaging in 'hard core' music. The anti-egoistic preoccupations of the band are reflected by their absence in the work.

From an original set of 35 x 35mm photographs