Sean Dower: Artworks and information

Audiopathological - W139 Gallery, Amsterdam. 2001 (click images to enlarge)

Audiopathology Audiopathology Audiopathology I want to dance The Music in Trees
Ronnie and Jimmy Ronnie and Jimmy Ipanema en-suite Tropical Taxi trip Audiopathology

Installation of 5 music videos in a specially constructed, acoustic space with silver, insulated sound-traps and red safety lights. Dimensions Variable. Total running time 21 mins

In all five videos, the sound and image are structurally interwoven and there is an attempt to address the material natures of video and audio through recording and editing processes.

1) ‘Music in trees’ - 2001 (3.55 min.)
The artist harvests discarded cassette tape from the branches of a tree. The soundtrack is made from the found tape, randomly reassembled.

2) 'Ronnie and Jimmy' - 1998-2001 (5.29 min.)
Ronnie and Jimmy focuses on the relationship between partners or double-acts as reflected in mythology, cinema and entertainment. It references the moral binary of ‘good and evil’ and the banal schemes of shared company. The characters conversing on helium whilst engaging in a mysterious ‘stakeout’ and also furnish the soundtrack with an improvised drum-battle. The project was begun with filmmaker Martin Shiel, but the use of masks enabled numerous artists to contribute to the final film.

'Ipanema En-suite' - 2001 (3.12 min.)
Filmed in a hotel bathroom in Ipanema, Brasil. The chance discovery of tap-heads which resonate like bells led to this video of the taps being played by the artist. The footage is ghosted, or overlayed with a second video exploring the bathroom in detail.

4) ‘I want to dance’ - 2001 (5.44 min.)
Lyrics by artist Charles Gaines were set to music by Sonofapup with vocals by Georgina Starr. The video records fractured reflections seen in a spinning mirror-ball. First commissioned for the exhibition 'Song Poems', curated by Steven Hull.

5) 'Tropical Taxi Trip' - 2001 (2.29 min.)
Audio soundtrack to a taxi-ride in Sao Paolo during a tropical storm. Stuck in traffic, the driver jests with his controller whilst heavy rain drops resonate on the roof of the car. Music is overlayed retrospectively and digitally manipulated video acts as placement for the memory.

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