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Power and Light (снага и светлост) - 1990
B&W Super 8 film transfered to video. 4 mins


Power and Light' was the name of a 1930's power station in the Dorćol district of Belgrade, Serbia. This Super 8 film was shot in 1990 while preparing for a large-scale live performance on site with the Bow Gamelan. I initially tried to film the building from outside but was stopped by military police (the security situation was disintegrating at the time). I thus resolved to film every corner of the interior of the crumbling 'cathedral to electricity'. The film contains glimpses of the set used for our performance and footage of Paul Burwell (1949-2007) testing pyrotechnics. The epilogue is a fitting quotation from Paul's poem 'Adventures in the House of Memory', first performed at William Burroughs' Final Academy in London in 1982. The soundtrack was recorded live during the digital transfer process - a gong, which belonged to Burwell is struck at every edit in the film. The ex-army explosives 'experts' we used for the show gave us a good run for our money and I still have scars...

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